The principal person in a picture is light.
            le personage principal dans un tableau c’est la lumiere.                  Manet

                Paul McDonald Smith OAM,
                                                     FVAS, FRSA (Lond.)


                                                           Artist - Painter - Tutor


                 "Morning Light - Sovicille Italy"
                           Oil on Linen 20"x 24"


            Welcome to my Website.

    These pages include a few examples of my paintings from the 1970’s to the
    present day, along with details of my background as painter.

    I consider it a privilege to work as an artist, to contribute to the arts
    community, and to share the society and friendship of so many wonderful
    Australian artists, students and art lovers.  I hope you may find some of the
    following material of interest.

    Paul McDonald Smith

    Paul McDonald Smith is based in Melbourne, Australia and has worked as a
    professional artist for his entire working life. A painter in oil, his work also
    features watercolour and pastel and includes a great variety of subject
    matter – portrait, landscape, still-life, flowers and figure. Trained in both
    traditional and modern methods, he has always been drawn to the
    tradition of representational painting with a particular emphasis on the
    "tonal" factor and the depiction of light, natural effects and appearances.
    His primary interest focuses on the long established genre of pictorial
    realism found in successive European masters such as Velázquez, Chardin,
    Constable, Corot,  Fantin-Latour and Manet.
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   Paul McDonald Smith
"Cumquat Marmalade"
  Oil on Linen 22"x 26"
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    The paintings represented on this website are held in private, corporate, institutional,regional               
    and public collections along with the collection of the artist and are not available for purchase.
"Romsey Pines"
"Camellias and Japonica"
"Gresy- sur-Isere, France"
     Oil on linen 10" x 13"